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Finally after a year an a half of prototypes and experiments I have brought a new
square pan design into the 21st century. The Maverick Finishing Gold Pan has taken
out many of the problems inherent with older designed square pans to bring you a
more efficient,   productive product. Yes, there are other square pans on the market
and they do a good job for what they are – just not as good as the Maverick. What’s
the difference?

  • More riffles to capture the desired heavies as possible plus the elimination of
    curved ends on riffles which cause heavy water flow lines that interfere with
    your concentrates.
  • Deeper recess in front of the bottom to collect and hold more of your
    concentrates and to detour the flow of water from washing your concentrates
    out. (A very annoying problem with past designs.)
  • Longer floor length for easier laminar cleanup control plus the removal of any
    bump lines and other obstructions inside the pan.
  • Bottom front of pan has a 150 grit finish to help retain heavies in cleaning off
    unwanted material. This area is also used to apply various grit strips that can
    be interchanged according to the coarseness of the material to be separated.
    (This is a big plus!)
  • Outside finish is gritted for easier griping.
  • The Maverick is made from high density polypropylene which can take almost
    anything you can throw at it.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Note: Plastic gold pans must be ‘seasoned’ to remove oil.

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