2nd Generation Pyramid Pro Pan


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2nd Generation Pyramid Pro Pan 


The most efficient production gold pan in the world.

Pyramid Pro Pan® has been designed to move high volumes of gravel in a very short time and to recover most, if not all heavy materials like gold, platinum and gems for your effort. ThePyramid Pro Pan® does this kind of work extremely well. The Pyramid Pro Pan® is designed to be one of the easiest pans to learn and use by either novice or professional alike. The average recovery on the first try is usually 85-95% of the fine gold down to 50/100 mesh. The Pyramid Pro Pan® is incapable of loosing large pickers and nuggets.

The Pyramid Pro Pan® has been constructed to take the beating that production panning gives. We use a high-density polyethylene plastic for the body construction along with aluminum riffles, which are held by silicon and then riveted down to keep them connected to the body. Additionally the handles for your Pyramid Pro Pan® are built to take the strain put on them by constant use. They also break down for easy storage in a container or backpack with or without the pan body. Last is a quality high pressure plug which if lost can be easily replaced from any Home Depot.

Because your Pyramid Pro Pan® is made so well,  SMI Electronics & Fossickers guarantees it for life.

Important: Plastic gold pans must be seasoned before use.

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