Angus MacKirk Millers Table


The deluxe recirculating unit comes with:
  • Processing table
  • 500 GPH pump
  • Feed hoses
  • Catch tray
  • Recirculation tub
  • Adjustable legs
  • Brush
  • Ball valve
  • Spray bar
The base model includes:
  • Processing table
  • Adjustable legs
  • Garden hose adapter
  • Ball valve
  • Spray bar
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The original Miller Table was patented back in the late 1800s and was in fact only part of a complicated fine gold recovery system that consisted of the separation plane and then a series of amalgamation plates that used mercury, which has gone to the wayside in this century. However, the initial concept of running slurry down an inclined plane allowing gravity and friction to separate gold from the lighter materials is still alive and well. In its simplest form, a modern Millers’ Table is just a flat piece of material set at a relatively shallow slope where you deposit heavily concentrated material washed by an extremely thin layer of low-velocity water. In scientific terms, I suppose one of these devices would be called a gravity separation unit since they operate on the principle of stratification and gravity settlement where the lighter materials are moved away from the heavier materials faster by the action of water flow. They are sometimes called ‘Gravity Tables’ or ‘Flowing Film Concentrators’. Despite their simplicity, these tables are capable of separating extremely fine gold from black sands, gold so fine that it can’t be seen until it’s brushed into small piles. One of the remarkable things of using our Miller Table is that you can keep running the same sample of sands repeatedly over and over again and they keep revealing more and more gold each time and each run has a finer gradient of particles until you reach a point where you need magnification to observe the results. Both the base unit and the deluxe unit are equipped with a gold deposit that allows you to brush the gold into it and make another run without worrying the gold will be swept away with the new material being introduced.

All Sluices produced by Angus MacKirk are in black! our new colour

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