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Expedition Sluice Box  –  highly portable, durable, production rates rival Keene A52, with 90% less clean up time 2 min vs 17 min. Process more material in less time than you can with a gold pan. The 12″ x 36″ SluiceMaster® stream sluice box features the renowned Angus MacKirk™ ramp riffle design. It’s built of lightweight yet rugged premium-grade ABS plastic and doesn’t use carpet, expanded metal, miner’s moss or ribbed mats. That means cleaning and recovery are fast and easy. The grey background shows high-contrast material such as iron very well, making it easier to control the angle and pitch that determine the level and speed at which the riffles clean. The result is superior recovery.

All Sluices and produced by Angus MacKirk are in black ! our new color


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Weight 1.55 kg
Dimensions 92.7 × 31.8 × 10.2 cm