K & M Krusher – Rock/Ore Crusher 11″ Drum 2-1/2″ Infeed-Rockwell #58 Hammers Electric/No Motor




This new Rock Crusher from K&M Krushers. These crushers are the next generation of crushers. All of the critical parts are cut out with a CNC Laser cutter to insure everything is square and precise. The bolts & nuts that hold the hammers and mount your motors are schedule # 8 alloy. Your new K&M Krusher features a 11″ Drum with a 2-1/2″ Infeed Tube. The Hammers are a Rockwell Hardness of 62 on the outside and #58 on the inside turning your 2-1/4″ rocks into 100-200 mesh talcum powder.  Easy 3 wing knobs for front plate removal. The screen in the bottom of the drum is now fitted with a new easy replacement system. The screen is stainless with more holes per inch than any other crusher allowing more thru-put. This unit has no motor included, it is however set up for to put your own motor right on it. Your motor needs to have a #56 Frame with a 5/8″ shaft. The full LoveJoy connecting hardware is included (At times the connectors are all black as shown in the last photo) along with #8 Alloy motor mounting Bolts & Locking nuts.

This unit is Built to last…Heavy duty construction Turns rock into a talcum power like dust 100-200 Mesh 100-500 Lbs per hour ready to process and get your GOLD

SKU = K&M-11-ENM

Shipping weight = 65 Lbs

Shipping Size = 20″ X 32 ” X 18″ Tall