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Klondike DC –

The new Hopper provides a “Slick Plate” shovel feed area where the bank run is BLASTED with a Water “CANON”  that immediately dissolves and the material, then moves it downstream to the Reverse Wedge Grate that is 3/8ths at the opening and gets wider below the surface.  Being wider at the bottom than at the opening allows the material to fan out thus reducing the potential for clogging or “plugging” and keeps the material moving into the sluice.  Material larger than 3/8ths is discharged overboard.

The new Water Bar is adjustable for angle with the aid of a thumb screw device securely imbedded in the splash shield.

The inline valve allows you to slow the water flow prior to clean up shut down, and before restart (with material still in the sluice) to prevent “surges” that can rob your riffles.

The Combo Model comes with our custom nozzle, 10 ft. of high flex transfer hose and the attachment that connects the hose to the Hopper Body.   The System is1.5 inch.

All Sluices and produced by Angus MacKirk are in black ! our new color

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