Predator 3 Deluxe Finishing System


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Bench Top Sample Tester
& Concentrate Cleaner

We make a serious attempt to provide Miners and Prospectors with products that are Cost Effective while still maintaining the high level of Quality and Results we are known for.

These Predator  Models use an ordinary garden hose or, a 12v pump to deliver water to the recovery area making it a very flexible asset.

Its crossbar base provides stability for use as a “Bench Top” or, “Tail Gate” unit and its adjustable Pad Feet enable you to fine-tune the Predator for each unique material you run through it. The recirculating tray makes it easy to set up anywhere you go and has a tailing tray to help your water last longer.

With the addition of a Valve, you can regulate the flow from your water source to Predator’s  Diffuser Box to gain Maximum Performance.

Predator 3 helps reduce the amount of time normally required to determine the presents of Gold (and other values) and be used to concentrate material from your primary recovery device (Sluice, Highbanker, Dredge etc.) for Final Separation.

All Sluices are produced by Angus MacKirk are in black! our new color