Stream Banker


Offers its’ user the ability to set up a high feed, high volume operation just offshore from the bank in deeper water, or a better – more regulated set up in shallow water.

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Stream Banker

  • Removable Grizzly can be turned to either side for Left or Right Handed Miners.
  • Expect 200 mesh recovery (as with all our products) and Clean Ups take only a few Seconds!
  • 18 lb. shipping weight.
  • 24″ Stainless Steel Legs.
  • Abyss Riffle System.
  • Grizzly system allows for unclassified bank run material to be easily processed.
  • Grizzly can be removed and placed on a bucket to classify to 1/2″ minus if you are digging away from the creek.
  • Sluice design is wider at the mouth to collect as much water as possible.
  • Sluice narrows after the landing area to flatten and slow down the water to promote fall out.
  • All Sluices and produced by Angus MacKirk are in black ! our new color

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Weight 8.16 kg
Dimensions 86.36 × 50.8 × 30.48 cm