Deluxe Tremor Automated Classifier




As you know, processing “Like Sized” material is the most efficient way to feed your recovery device.

Hand screening (Classifying) has always been one of the most tedious and boring steps in the process, not to mention the hard work involved.

  • Place the material into the screen, shake it until your arms ache.
  • Pick out the large rocks and throw them aside
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat….

Until now!!!!

Our new Deluxe Tremor Automated Classifier System makes child’s play out of the process.

The deluxe model gives you three degrees of separation in just one easy step!  also you use up four screens at one time.

  • All Sluices and produced by Angus MacKirk are in black ! our new color.

Additional information

Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 38.1 × 38.1 × 30.5 cm

The Deluxe model is a two leave unit that vibrates it has anti slip tray and extra vibration assist


The Standard model is a one leave unit that vibrates it has no anti slip tray and no extra vibration assist