Sluice comparison Rock & Gem Magazine June 2012

Angus Mackirk Mining & Mfg. Company™

We at Angus Mackirk™ are proud to provide afforable, high quality, state of the art equipment to our customers. When you purchase a MacKirk product you also get piece of mind that the product will work and that we will stand behind it.
Angus Mackirk™ products are famous World Wide for Fine Gold Recovery and Durability. Made from Acrilic butyl Styrene, which is heat resistant and impact resistant even at low temperatures and has high chemical and corrosion/abrasion-resistance as well as a great dimensional stability.
In a test conducted by Rock & Gem Magazine in June 2012 our Expedition sluice was tested with the Keene A-52 as well as the Tee Dee Co. EZ-Sluice. Thier findings were:

                                                              Weight (lbs) Cleanup (min) Gold Recovered (g)

Tee Dee Co. Ez-Sluice                       2.27                    13                             1.3

Angus MacKirk™ Expedition           3.9                       2                                2

Keene A52                                         12.35                   17                              2.2

As you can see fast easy clean ups as well as being light weight are great assets. All of the gold found was 20 mesh or smaller, a true testiment of our fine gold recovery. Many have found that they can run their pan tailings through our sluice still recovering gold smaller than 100 mesh.
We pride ourselves in providing top notch customer service. 75% of our customers are repeat customers and that are as good as gold to us. We love to hear from them and how well their products are working. Our passion for gold mining fuels our fire to help them get as much gold as possible.

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